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Belspray sprayers:

bxpl Instruction card, Belspray motorised sprayers: 

Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers: PDF buttom BSBP - BSBW - BXBW

Concrete Cure Sprayers:      PDF buttom BSCP - BSCW - BXCW


bxpl Instruction card, Belspray hand-operated sprayers: PDF BSBH25 - BSBH


bxpl Instruction card, Belspray drum-lift chassis: pdf BXBW - BXCW

Wallis & Stevens 

W&S Instruction booklet for Wallis & Stevens 7C: W&S 7C Operating Instruction

Discover how to spray more in less time and keep within specification.

Using a Belspray direct-from-drum motorised sprayer for bitumen emulsion 

or concrete cure material can save both time and money.

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